Call for views on “consent or pay” business models

The UK DPA, ICO, recently called for views on “consent or pay” business models. Here is our feedback.

The reason behind Meta's last move

Meta just rolled a new way to address legal compliance in the EU: leave people with a choice to either subscribe or have their data collected. I have a pretty good idea as to why, and guess what: they’re not doing it out of good heart.

Master thesis proposals

Living page for my master thesis proposals.

Le droit pour les informaticien·nes

Mon compendium francophone du livre Law for Computer Scientists (and other folks) de Mireille Hildebrandt

Resources for Students

You can find here a set of resources that can help you write academic English, make the most of what you read and how to look for reads, as well as tips for presenting your work.

Cookie Paywalls

Our paper on cookie paywalls made a bit of noise, and that’s good. Let’s see what can be the next steps, notably what a master thesis on that topic could look like.