Victor Morel

Victor Morel

PhD in Computer Science / Postdoc Researcher

Chalmers University of Technology


Victor Morel holds a PhD in computer science from Inria - Privatics. His research interests include privacy and data protection, networks security, usability and Human-Computer Interactions, applied cryptography, and ethics of technology in a broad manner. He appreciates sober, hackable, and accessible technology that works.

He is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Security & Privacy Lab at Chalmers University of Technology on usable privacy for IoT applications. He is also a selected member of the EDPB’s support pool of experts.

Besides his academic activities, he is a member of FELINN’s collegiate council, a French association (1901) defending decentralization, privacy, and free software through popular education.


  • Privacy
  • Data Protection
  • Networks
  • Usability
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Human-Computer Interactions
  • Ethics


  • Qualification MCF Section 27, 2022

  • PhD in Computer Science, 2020

    INSA de Lyon - Inria

  • Master Thesis, 2016

    Uppsala University

  • Engineer Degree, 2016

    Polytech' Lyon

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Recent Publications

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CoIoT is a project to manage consent in the IoT. It takes the form of an Android app enabling the definition of data subject privacy policies to automatically interact with IoT devices according to the user’s choices.


CyberSecIT will develop a practical, secure and privacy-enhancing solution regaining control for end-users and companies over their IoT ecosystems while enjoying all the benefits that come from automated data analysis and autonomous privacy-preserving security monitoring.

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Map of Things is a map to visualize devices in the smart city collecting personal data, please mail me for comments or feature request.

Talks & Press

Of cookies and paywalls

Invited talk to the Citi lab.

Of cookies and paywalls

Invited talk to the Privaski seminar in the Alps.

Cristiana Santos and Victor Morel: The problem with CMPs and TCF-based cookie paywalls

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Meet the WASP Postdocs

Short internal interview by WASP about my postdoc.

Teaching & Duties

Program Committee Member and session chair IFIP Summer school 2023.

Program Committee Member IWPE 2023.

Program Committee Member PoPETS 2023-2024.

External Reviewer PoPETS 2021-2022.

I also do external reviews for venues such as WWW, ESORICS, ETHICOMP, etc.

At Chalmers, I teach:

  • cryptography (TA and guest lecturer)
  • advanced programming in python (TA and lecturer)

I also supervise master theses, 3 successful defenses so far!

At UGA (2020), I taught a full-time duty in Databases (fr and en).

At Insa de Lyon (2016-2019), I have taught:

  • Genetic Algorithms and Project Management (fr),
  • Computer basics: Networks and Security (fr),
  • Algorithmic and Programming 4 (fr & en).

At Uppsala University (2016), I was a teacher assistant in Database Design I (en).